Saturday, November 20, 2010

Workshops at Creative loft


Free Author Branding Bootcamp Nov. 28-Dec. 4 offered by Creativity Loft, a new humorous, kick-in-the-pants advice site and marketing agency for creative brands.

About the bootcamp:

The bootcamp will teach authors branding basics, branding vehicles and branding strategies. It will feature worksheets, a case study and a free eBook of all the materials at the end of the course. The Bootcamp will be held on the Creativity loft site (, so you only have the visit the site during that week to attend.

The class schedule is as follows, pulled from the Creativity Loft site (

"“you don’t know jack about author branding”
This will give authors an overview of what a brand is, why they should have one and some examples of awesome author brands. We’ll break down some pretty cool brands into bite-sized chunks that help you understand why they keep you coming back for more.
“target your brand. p.s. don’t use a shotgun.”
In this post we will teach you how to create a targeted author brand. We’ll get all frou-frou and help you create a branding roadmap to take you from the unbranded flub you are now to a branding diva, or whatever the masculine equivalent of diva is- I’m thinking pimp, maybe?
“branding vehicles. no lemons here, people.”
This will outline cool vehicles authors can use to brand themselves. We’ll also highlight a few “best practices” to give authors ideas on how to use these vehicles effectively.
“don’t let your brand get stale. it leaves a bad taste in our mouths.”
This post will teach authors how to keep their brands current, but consistent. Branding is a never-ending process and you have to both keep up with the times and be ahead of the curve in some respects. Don’t miss it. We’re excited about this one!
“author branding case study. because it makes us sound all official.”
We will pick one lucky author from our visitor/subscriber pool to do a case study on! What does this mean exactly? We will evaluate your brand and give you branding tips, insights and a stockpile full of ideas on how to develop your brand over the next year. Year, I said! More details about this coming soon."
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About Creativity Loft:

Founded in 2010, by a digital media and marketing professional, Creativity Loft's mission is to help creative brands reach their full potential by offering kick-in-the-pants advice, information and services. We're candid, irreverent and sometimes controversial in our delivery method, but we'll do whatever it takes to get the point across. We want to be a resource to creative brands, so feel free to visit our site, Twitter feed ( or Facebook page ( to chat or share ideas with us. 


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