Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Classes starting at Jupiter Gardens


You will then receive further instructions.

I’ve written over 40 works and written for seven publishers. And I want to help YOU start your book on the right foot, research the right publishers for YOU, and have the best chance possible of finishing your work and getting it published.

Six weeks…from idea to writing…just you and me and your ideas…let’s go!

So, in conjunction with Jupiter Gardens University, I’m offering a six week boot camp. Starting with the idea and the characters, moving through plotting, your first chapter, and then ending with revisions and publisher research, by the time you’re done with the course, you’ll have a solid idea, a good start, and an idea of how to finish, polish, and submit! Open to all authors of all levels, though it helps to have some basic knowledge of plotting and characters. (Think of this as a 101 ½ course. Not quite basic, but could be as advanced as you need it to be).

Course begins on August 1 and runs for six weeks.
It will be held online at Jupiter Gardens University.

AN INTRODUCTORY BARGAIN at only $30. (Repeats of this course will be $45, and a longer, six month, course will be held in 2011.) Register at Jupiter Gardens ( and you will receive a file with complete enrollment instructions.

Good luck!

Mary Winter

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