Sunday, March 14, 2010

Savvy Authors Boot Camp Class

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Dialogue with Devon Ellington
FREE for ALL Members!  $10 for NON-Members
 Remember - Every registration completed by April 9th earns an entry in our prize raffle.  We’re giving away 40 different prizes including books on craft, software, workshops and plotting tools.

Good dialogue is one of the foundations of good writing.  This week-long workshop consists of exercises and homework teaching techniques to provoke sparkling dialogue that will reveal and build character, move along plot, reveal backstory, and enhance setting.  There will be exercises and homework, each developing a different use of dialogue in overall story.  Participants will post short scenes for constructive comments from both the instructor and fellow students.   This is a participatory workshop, not a lecture.  Participants are required to create fresh material for the class, not post something out of a current or old WIP. 

Assignment #1:  Cadence

Assignment #2:  Information Dispersal/Backstory

Assignment #3:  Motion/Sense of Place

Assignment #4:  Conflicting Agendas

Assignment #5:  Multi-Tasking

Assignment #6:  Ensemble Scene

Prerequisites:  Foundation in grammar, spelling, structure, especially paragraph structure.   Positive attitude.  Willingness to take risks, work hard and stretch yourself required. 


WHEN:     Mar 22 - Apr 5
COST:     FREE for ALL Members!  $10 for NON-Members

WHO:  Devon Ellington publishes under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction.  Her plays are produced in New York, London, Edinburgh, and Australia.  Her work appears in publications as varied as NEW MYTHS, BOOKS FOR MONSTERS, THE ROSE AND THORN, TOASTED CHEESE, THE RANFURLY REVIEW, FEMME FAN, EMERGING WOMEN WRITERS, THE SAVVY GAL, BLESSED GARDENS, THE CRAFTY TRAVELER, THE ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE, and ELLE. 

She writes the urban fantasy Jain Lazarus Adventures, the YA horse racing mystery DIXIE DUST RUMORS as Jenny Storm, and, under the Cerridwen Iris Shea name, the pirate fantasies involving the crew of “The Merry’s Dalliance.” Work appears in anthologies including PERFECTLY PLUM, SIMPLE PLEASURES OF THE KITCHEN, GHOST STORIES OF THE MOGOLLON RIM, FULL CIRCLE, and ARDEUR. 

She writes “The Literary Athlete” for THE SCRUFFY DOG REVIEW.  She teaches in-person and online workshops all over the world, including at The Muse Online Conference, the Catholic Writers Conference Online, adult education centers, YWCAs, community colleges, and private writers’ groups. 

Visit her blog on the writing life, Ink in My Coffee:, and her websites,, and

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