Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Fallen Fae by Connie Wood

Its my pleasure to introduce Connie Wood a friend of mine from Australia.

This is her first book and it sounds very exciting. She's a great writer and brings a unique perspective on fallen Angels and where the Fae really come from.

Her book will soon be released from Freya's Bower .

Fallen Fae Blurb

Shae is a fallen angel seeking salvation through a woman promised to him in return for services rendered long ago.

Aleta is unaware she is the payment of a deal made between her grandfather and the Fae.

With her grandfather gone she discovers a faerie stone allowing Shae to come to her and set their destiny in motion.

Will she be his salvation, or will their love hold them both in eternal damnation?

Excerpt Fallen Fae

She closed her eyes and listened to the crickets sing their symphony outside. Their song a familiar one, it enfolded her like a warm, comfortable blanket. She started to doze.

Something else behind the cricket song, deeper than the usual sounds of the night, prevented sleep.

Low and primal, it seemed to bypass her ears and register straight to her brain. The sound pounded and seeped deep throughout her body. It found the rhythm of her heart and kept its beat as if made just for her. The heat followed it, though this burning resonated unhindered within her and pooled low in her belly. Her breath became erratic; she tried to suck the moist hot air into her starved lungs.

“Open your eyes to me, Aleta.”

She obeyed. A tall, almost naked man stood over her bed, his white-blond hair blowing in the breeze from the fan. Raw power emanated from him, and a ripple of pure lust darted through her. She should be terrified to find someone in her house, but she knew this to be a dream.

It had to be.

His familiarity proved it all the more, for this was a man she had seen before. Whom she had felt before. The memory of him spun at the edges of her mind. His voice spoke straight to her brain, just like the incessant pounding fueling her desires.

He stood there, impossibly handsome, his eyes the exact same shimmering green of the faerie stone she clutched between her tightened fingers. A loin cloth of sorts was the only thing providing his modesty—and it wasn’t really that modest. She lowered her eyes before they followed the length of his body in slow appraisal.

Bare feet stood wide apart on the dark wooden planks, his long legs bulged with taut muscles.

Aleta swallowed, and her gaze neared the light tan loin cloth. Its soft material barely covered his hardness beneath. The muscles across his rock hard stomach clenched visibly as she continued her journey upward. He crossed his heavily muscled arms against the wide strength of his chest.

His jaw set firm, the harshness diminished by those soft, kissable lips. Perfectly arched eyebrows framed shining, crystal clear green eyes.

She stifled a gasp, and her heart lurched at the burning intensity of his gaze. A shiver of excitement ran down her spine.


Lisa Griffin said...

Connie's book sounds wonderful, doesn't it. Good luck, Connie!!!

Lisa Griffin said...
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Janice said...

Hi Lisa,

Yes it does, and don't you just love a story that puts a new twist on a old favorite? Or in this case an old fae.